Future OS Workstation: Install Desktop or Laptop

[1] Insert the Future OS live system media and start the computer. Then the following screen is displayed, press Enter to continue.

[2] Future OS Workstation is booted by your computer and is ready to use.

[3] The GNOME desktop and a Welcome screen greet you. On this screen, you can use Future OS Workstation via live media by selecting the "Try Future OS" option without installing it on your computer. If you remove the live system media by restarting your computer, you can pick up where you left off without making any changes to your files. We choose the "Install to Hard Disk" option because we have explained the installation steps.

[4] Select the language you want to use during installation.

[5] This is the default screen for some basic configurations. Set Keymap first, click [KEYBOARD] icon.

[6] Click the [+] button at the bottom left.

[7] Select your keyboard type from the list and click the [Add] button.

[8] After adding the keyboard layout, submit your keyboard to the top for priority 1 as below and click the [Done] button at the top left to finish.

[9] return to the default screen. Next, set the time zone, click on the [DATE&TIME] icon and click on a point on the map where you want to set your time zone, and press the [Done] button at the top left.

[10] return to the default screen. Click [INSTALLATION DESTINATION], then the following screen is displayed.
If your computer has some HDDs installed, select the installation target disk. Also, if you want to edit partition layouts manually, select [I will configure partitioning], if you choose [Configure partitioning automatically], partitioning will be done automatically.
If all is well, click the [Done] button at the top left to finish this section.

[11] If all is well, click [Start Installation] and proceed to the next.

[12] The installation starts and you need to set a root password and create a public user. Click the Root Password icon and go to configuration.

[13] Enter the password you want in the root password settings and click the [Done] button to finish as below.

[14] In general user settings, enter any username and password you want and click [Done] button to finish as below.

[15] Click [Exit] at the bottom right after finishing the installation.

[16] Restart your computer and remove the live system environment, you can open this popup with [CTRL+ALT+DEL] key combination shortcut.

[17] Future OS will boot from the disk you installed from.

[18] After rebooting, the login prompt is shown as below. The login screen of the user you specified during installation is displayed. Login.

[19] If you have reached the desktop, Future OS Workstation installation has been completed without any problems.

[20] You can start using and customizing your Future OS operating system.